George Rivera is the owner and head chef of Chef
, but before he had finally built his own business, he has
worked hard and gained many experiences.

Born in Philippines in 1961, George grew up in a family that was
very much influenced with food. He shared his father’s passion
in cooking. Julio Rivera was a wonderful chef in many different
places in Philippines, and George easily grew up learning his
father’s way of cooking. With all of his knowledge and passion,
he had quickly earned the job of being the
Chief Cook of De
Los Santos Medical Centre and Villalydia Inn in Ilocos
, by the age of 18. He had so much help and inspiration
from his father.

Throughout the years, he worked very hard and, it was
worthwhile. At the age of 23, he started his journey
in the food
industry outside of Philippines.
He worked for many different
companies in many different countries.
1519 Birchmount Rd.
Scarborough, ON
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During 1988, he got married to Mariam (Me-ann) Moris and now has three kids, Kris, Ken and Kevin.
He’s a very loving father and has a family that supports him all the way.

During 1998, he arrived in Canada and immediately started work at
Max's Restaurant and
Rainforest Cafe as a Line Cook
. He landed a job at Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto.
His family immigrated a year after. With his family together and work going well, he started catering
for events while still working at Royal York. After a couple of caterings, he became well known for
his excellent presentation and delicious tasty food. A couple of years passed, he finally decided to
quit his job and start his own restaurant. And that’s exactly what he did!
He opened up a restaurant
that offers, caterings, party trays and take-out.
As of April 23, 2005, Chef George is in service
for everyone!

*Almost 8 years later, we have now moved to a bigger and better place.
Join us in our new location at 1519 Birchmount Rd. (Birchmount Ave. and Ellesmere Rd.)